You will get help to realise the potential of your creativity

GTS has more than 50 years’ experience with the processing of wood from many parts of the world. We are glad to begin a dialogue about wishes for design of products and material choices. We look forward to discussions about where the product and/or part components may possibly be produced.

We join in from the initial phase till the product has been delivered to and approved by you. Basically, no project is too small for us, and you will get a competent response to your questions. Is the individual product suitable for industrial production? Which batch size must be expected in order to reach the right solution? Etc.

We will assist you in: 

  • design and construction adjustments
  • selection of the optimum wood species in terms of properties and applications
  • technical drawings and modelling
  • development and optimisation of the degree of processing
  • access to and reservation of raw materials
  • treatment of the wood, including surface treatment
  • individual packaging, transportation and storing of the product