The Danish Timber Trade Federation

GTS is a member of the Danish Timber Trade Federation.

It is among other things occupied with the environmental consequences of trading with wood from various parts of the world, and is in international connections an observer/commercial expert for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Danish Ministry of the Environment.

The Danish Timber Trade Federation also takes part in the international efforts to increase sustainable forest management and trade with sustainably produced wood through, among others, ITTO, FAO, and PEFC.

The Danish Wood Initiative

'Træ Er Miljø' - or 'Wood Creates Environment' in translation - is the joint information project of the wood industry as described on the home page of the organization

GTS is among others ambassador for "Træ Er Miljø" meaning that we support this project. The purpose is to inform the consumer about the many possible applications of wood so more and more consumers will choose products made of wood.

As an important side project the Danish Wood Initiative aims at promoting networking and cooperation in the wood industry.