You will be Assisted in every Step

We offer professional help for industrial design and furniture production. We know the pitfalls and the solutions in the whole process:


You will get help to realise the potential of your creativity

GTS has more than 50 years’ experience with the processing of wood from many parts of the world. We are glad to begin a dialogue about wishes for design of products and material choices. We look forward to discussions about where the product and/or part components may possibly be produced.

We join in from the initial phase till the product has been delivered to and approved by you. Basically, no project is too small for us, and you will get a competent response to your questions. Is the individual product suitable for industrial production? Which batch size must be expected in order to reach the right solution? Etc.

We will assist you in: 

  • design and construction adjustments
  • selection of the optimum wood species in terms of properties and applications
  • technical drawings and modelling
  • development and optimisation of the degree of processing
  • access to and reservation of raw materials
  • treatment of the wood, including surface treatment
  • individual packaging, transportation and storing of the product


You will receive full commercial and legislative support

Our service is based on a B2B relationship. GTS will always take full responsibility for the whole project process. From production to delivery of the finished products at customer requested delivery place. Our many years of experience have shown us that focusing on every single part of the process is vital for a successful execution of the individual project.

We engage in dialogue with our customers about prices and the different conditions. Either at our offices or in the customer’s premises. On the basis of our contact we will issue and send a final frame contract. Then the actual production of product and/or part components can be started.

We will:

  • secure the economy and profitability of the whole project from idea til delivery
  • provide the necessary knowledge of certification and local rules and regulations 
  • provide all relevant information for the purpose of obtaining prices through our global network of suppliers
  • draw up a total proposal with product and/or part component prices
  • calculate the price for the individual packing solutions as well as logistical costs etc.

You will be assisted in all issues concerning supply and production

Our knowhow and global network secures your individual requirements. Wood requires the right treatment - from felling to finished product. Throughout many years GTS has acquired great knowhow regarding wood and wood species.

During more than 50 years GTS has established a strong and professional network of business partners throughout most of the world. Our reliable suppliers and business partners of many years are located in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, The United States, and South America. 

We offer:

  • a wide selection of wood species
  • knowledge of strength, durability, moisture content and tolerances of the wood
  • design and applications of the wood
  • choice of the degree of processing, including treatment and surface treatment 
  • competitive products
  • certainty of delivery

You will be helped to optimal packaging and logistics

We work for the best solutions concerning:

  • transports by ship, lorry and aircraft world wide
  • optimizing of the contents in containers and on lorries
  • various freight and packaging possibilities
  • competitive transportation costs 
  • delivery on time

We have a special focus on the logistics. Whether the product is a simple part component or a completely finished product packed in customer sales materials.

It is essential to us that the chosen partners understand the importance of the correct handling of the products. We ensure competitive prices for the transport to our customers no matter in which part of the world, we are delivering.

Our goal is that each delivery is carried out to the entire satisfaction of our customers. Not only regarding each delivery but also with the quality of the service we provide throughout the entire process. We often visit our suppliers all over the world to plan, inspect, and follow up on the productions.