FSC® - The Forest Stewardship Council®

GTS has a strict environmental policy in order to secure that we and our business partners have a positive influence on the development of the world's forests.

Illegal felling of wood is a big problem. The reasons are multiple and with far-reaching consequences. Culturally, socio-economically, and climatically. There is no single solution.

GTS has chosen to be certified to selling wood from responsibly managed forests. We offer wood felled and produced according to the following certification system:

As part of our environmental profile GTS has chosen to be certified to the purchase and sale of FSC® certified wood according to the following scope:

'Purchase and sales of FSC certified and FSC controlled wood as semi produced or finished timber products under a transfer system.'

The aim of FSC is to promote environmentally, socially and economically responsible management of the forests of the world, as well as to ensure their future preservation.

10 Principles

The Forest Steward Council® is an independent body guaranteeing that the forests which they certify are managed according to their 10 basic principles, which are as follows:

  1. Compliance with laws, agreements, and the principles of FSC 
  2. Respect for ownership and utilization ratios
  3. Respect for the rights of the indigenous people
  4. Respect for local societies and woodmen
  5. Securing the yields of the forest
  6. Consideration of the environmental impact
  7. Securing of operational plans
  8. Securing of surveillance and evaluation
  9. Securing the preservation of the natural forest
  10. Securing of planted forests

The above principles ensure the responsible management of forests according to a long-term plan as per the forest standards which are adapted to the circumstances in the country of origin of the wood. Before FSC standards are implemented in a new country, it must be subjected to a thorough approval process, always securing the above basic FSC principles.


To be able to implement the above basic principles, The Forest Steward Council has to be able to check the traceability of the wood in order to secure the separation of certified and non-certified material. That is done by means of a system which is called Chain of Custody. The wood is traced from the moment it is felled till it has been delivered to the end user. At no point this Chain of Custody may be broken, meaning that all links in a trading chain must be certified.

Transfer System

GTS is certified under the FSC transfer system, meaning that we have the right to sell the products which our suppliers have the right to produce without breaking the Chain of Custody.

Only a certification firm approved by FSC is allowed to issue certificates which are valid for a period of 5 years.

To ensure that the certified companies, such as GTS, comply with the principles, yearly inspections are carried out by the approved company. GTS has the following licence code: FSC ® C013405.